Prineville Truck & Tractor Pull

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Prineville Truck & Tractor Pull

3rd Annual Prineville Truck & Tractor Pull

July 6th & 7th, 2018

July 6th, gates open at 6:00 pull starts at 7:00
July 7th, gates open at 3:00, local pullers start at 4:00, main show starts at 7:00

Truck & Tractor Pull Entry Form

Please fill out a form for each type of truck or tractor you are entering (you may enter multiple trucks/tractors of the same type on one form). For example: entering 2 Country Modifieds just use one form, entering a Country Modified and a Pro Modified use two forms. Paid pullers will be REQUIRED to pull once each day. If there is time for an unpaid demo pull, we will let the pullers know the day of the pull. Submit your entry form before June 29th and get 2-Two Day passes ($60 value)! Additional gate passes or entries received after June 29th may be purchased at the pull or online. Paid entrants submitting applications after June 29th will get a check mailed to them. Entries received prior to June 29th can be pick up checks when the pull is over (any one person receiving $600 or more will be required to fill out a W-9 form). There will be no pull fees. You will also need to fill out a Pull Form the day of the pull for the announcer and staging purposes.

The following pay schedule will be used in 2018:

$250 per day
Country Modified
Hot Farm Tractor
Modified Diesel Trucks

$300 Per Day
Pro Modified
Super Modified (2 WH DR)

$1,000 per day
3 or more engine Tractors

All non-paid entries will be competing for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place prizes.
We reserve the right to limit the number of paid pullers.

Personal Information

Truck or Tractor Information

Enter each truck/tractor on separate lines.

2018 Truck & Tractor Pull Rules

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