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Open Riding

Open Riding takes place in the Indoor Arena on weekdays. Certain conditions, such as Indoor Arena event bookings, may cause Open Riding to be unavailable. Call (541) 447-6575, check the website calendar, or check the Crook County Facebook page for current and upcoming Open Riding availabilities.

General Open Riding Hours:
Mondays & Tuesdays 9 am-4 pm
Wednesday-Friday 9 am-8 pm

$11 per rider, per day
$46 per rider, 30-day permit
$90 per family, 30-day permit (immediate family members only)

Fees can be paid by check, cash, or card. Cash and check payments can be made at the pay stations outside of the Fairgrounds Office and West arena entrance. Card payments can be processed at the Office during regular open hours (8AM-4PM Mon.-Fri.).

Please be kind and courteous to fellow riders.

Note: The arena is under 24/7 video surveillance.

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