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We have amazing and generous volunteers that help at the fairgrounds! If you would like to be part of this hard-working but rewarding team, please fill out an application!

Volunteer Application

Contact Information

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Postal Code
Phone Number

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact
Emergency Contact #
Have you ever volunteered for the Crook County Fair before?

If so, when and in what capacity?
Have you ever volunteered at another fair before?

If so, where, when and in what capacity?
What other types of volunteer work have you performed?
List any special expertise/experience. (4-H, FFA, Bilingual, ASL, Clerical experience, etc.)
What experience do you have in working with the public?
Pre-Fair Availability (Specify Dates)
Do you have any restrictions or limitations on the type of volunteer work you are able to perform?
What types of volunteer work would you enjoy doing the most?

A Crook County Fair Waiver Release Form must be received prior to volunteering.
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